I bought Cayman Stead in 1996, which was a wood building at the time, after coming here on vacation and loving the Island, its people and diving. Hurricane Ivan destroyed my condo on September 11, 2004. I returned in August 2006 after the 10-foot-thick cement wall building rebuild (It’s not going anywhere next time there is a hurricane) for 9 grueling days of work, putting the condo back together. Your feedback and care are most appreciated. I hope you love my condo like I do and can see why it holds such a dear place in my heart. Please remember to sign our memory book and let us know about your stay!

Enjoy! Jackie

It’s my idea to use this space to share special memories, places to visit in the Cayman Islands and exciting things to do. I am counting on all of YOU to send me your stories and favorites, and I will post them!