Whalehead Club at Historic Corolla Park

Haunted Hunting Mansion, Wine and Sunsets

Block quote “Tours of the Whale head Club given Monday through Saturday include ‘Ghost Tours’. See not only the golden light crossing the lawn at dusk from the elegant parlor but also the working man’s 1920s on the barior islands from the  ‘gun room’, kitchen, and servant’s quarters.    

Once Upon A time…. the Outer Banks were a collection of sparsely populated barrier islands. Through out history the Outer Banks have changed considerably from a hide out for pirates and later the play place for rich industrialists to the wonderful and interesting vacation place that we now enjoy.

In the 1920s the Corolla area was home to several hunting and fishing clubs. When Edward Collings Knight Jr. wished to bring his wife Marie Louise along to enjoy the hunting, the existing clubs barred her from their ‘MEN ONLY’ clubs. Between 1922 and 1925 the Knights built their own private hunt club retreat. The Whalehead Club now restored offers tours Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to 9 PM of the Art Nouveau furnished elegance of the Knights hunting life, the ‘modern’ kitchen, pantry, servants and guides accommodations, gun room, and boat house. Special Ghost Tours are included.


Besides house tours the grounds are open to special events. I have spent one July 4th viewing fireworks here. On Wednesdays between May 30th and September 12th there is tasting of local wine and beer. $15 admission to tasters and free to non tasters.

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